Black Forge Village Signs

Jubilee Sign


In 2012 we introduced the Jubilee sign to enable smaller villages, councils and committees with limited budgets the opportunity to celebrate their village on this commemorative year with a Black Forge Village Sign, these are a smaller and reduced price version of our village signs. These signs are still available today.

This would be a bespoke sign, individually designed for your village with all the skill, and care applied to the design and construction as our larger and heavier commissions.

Jubilee Village Sign Specifications As Below:

- A rectangular or arched external frame with hot forged decorative scrolls and central ball feature atop.

- Approximate picture frame size to be 4 foot high x approx.3 foot wide.

- Scrollwork above at approx.6 inches plus post sleeve and scrolls below, a further 8 inches.

- Picture within to consist of a single scene with optional overhanging trees or leaves.

- Our design would be hand cut from solid steel with all transparent areas within the picture being removed slivers of metal which creates everlasting light transmitting detail, - so dispensing with repainting!

- A 7 inch square post sleeve with hot forged supporting scrolls and holes for securing screws or bolts.

- The entire sign to be firstly galvanised, then secondly powder coated then oven backed to give the ultimate in durability.

- Your village name applied to both sides in white or gold vinyl letters.

- All components to be made from top quality grey steel.

- Frame 1 ¼ inches square.

- Scrolls 3/4 inch x 1/4 inch.

- Picture 14 gauge thick.

- Post sleeve 7 x 7 inches.

- All to be galvanized.

- All to be powder coated satin black.

Price for all of the above

From £2,950 + VAT

What our customers say

Dear Black Forge

Thank you so much for our beautiful sign; I was able to view it in situ before it was covered up. Several other people were also able to see it and thought how magnificent it looks.

I will send you photos after the unveiling on Saturday and Richard has asked for some as well. May I say how helpful the chaps were; they found the cable to the street light that we were cautious about but it caused no problem.

Thank you once again and I hope you will be able to come over some time and see the sign for yourself.

Best wishes
Geraldine, Chairman, Yalding P.C.
Many thanks for your patience, professionalism, tenacity, craftsmanship and good humour over the past year. A great conclusion with the unveiling of our delightful new Village Sign and the spitfire fly pass and lovely short film that captures the spirit of the day.

Marc Stevenson
Chairman, Resisdents Committee, Ewhurst Green
I’ve been asked to pass on particular (and slightly belated!) thanks from our committee for the excellent village sign that was installed on the Green recently. The Council is delighted with the results and with the quality of your firm’s work, as well as the very high level of customer service your firm gives to its customers. Your commitment to hand-delivering the sign was key to enabling the project to complete successfully on schedule, and we’re sure that the sign will be much enjoyed and admired by residents and visitors for many years to come. I thought you would like to see a photo of the completed work, although I will forward another photo once the protective netting around the new turf has been removed.

Many thanks again to all at Blackforge,

Kind regards,
Sue, Clerk to the Parish Council, Bourton on the Water